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Mercy hired IOP to create a video for the annual gala that would help donors understand how their contributions help healthcare in the area.

Jacob Rosecrants is a political figure running for Oklahoma House District 46.


CASA Database

CASA is an organization that matches volunteers to children currently in the foster and court systems. They advocate for our little ones that cannot speak for themselves.  IOP’s task was to help make the office and volunteers more efficient while still following the law and maintaining privacy and security.

To do this we first created a custom database that managed all the data from cases, contacts, court reports and more. Considering the relationships between them we built a system that has some fantastic features.

Volunteers can signup directly from the website. The staff is notified and can follow up to drastically improve conversion through to training.  Once assigned to a case in the database, all information between the volunteer, staff and the cases are tracked.  When a volunteer files a report, a Word document is created containing all relevant information and emailed directly to the staff while storing the original report in the database.  Several of these steps would ordinarily create double entry and wasted time for staff.

[IOP]’s creativity brings a unique approach to each project they tackle, and their professionalism ensures the job is done on time, and on budget. Working with them has been a joy, and I am sure we will be business partners for a long time to come.

John Boston, Loaned Executive at Tulsa Area United Way

…I am very pleased with the final outcome. [IOP] was flexible and was able to design my web site exactly the way I had conceptualized it (and better).

Ray Murray