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Nonprofit and Politcal

Data Management

Everyone has their own way of doing things and sometimes there are issues. Maybe a file format is different or other’s don’t store files the way you do. We will identify the workflow problems with data and implement software or actions that can be taken to resolve this.


Wether you are starting your nonprofit or you are experienced but do not have the time to analyze everything, IOP can take care of it. We will start be looking at how your staff interact with each other and what information you work with. Then we will create a plan to ensure that no time is wasted during the day and your organizational goals can be met with as little resistance as possible.

Fundraising Campaigns

We will find the right strategies for the right demographics to target. From creating a database of potential donors to knocking on doors if needed. Our team takes care of everything your staff doesn’t have time for.

Public Relations

Crisis Management and Strategy

If you have come under fire for a situation that is causing harm to your reputation IOP Marketing is there to ensure, the right information gets to the right people at the right time. We will advise you on actions to take and how to phrase everything.

Online Press Release

Do you need a press release for your business or product that will only be published online? We can help you with that. Properly formatted press releases that will have an impact are needed to get your point across and ensure that you are taken seriously.

Press Release for Traditional Media

Press releases are an important part of the conversation with your journalistic contacts. A poorly formed or thought out press release can mean the end of the story you want to be told published. We will write, check all spelling, grammar, punctuation and placement of all information for your release so that you’re good to go.

Develop Media List for Print, Broadcast & Online

When your press release is finished, you might want to have a good solid list of people you can pitch it to. We will help you create a list of good contacts that can be a big help in getting your story published right where you need it.

Online and Print Ad Design

You want to place an ad in a newspaper or are spending hundreds on a magazine ad that you want to make sure is perfect. We’ll take care of that quickly and with perfection.


Web Development

We build websites tailored to your business and your processes. No cookie-cutter stuff here. We can build databases, custom forms, blogs, events, and much more. All of our websites are responsive to work on any sized device out of the box.


You have a business and a logo but do you have a brand? We will create a campaign to push the good news of your company and ensure that all materials produced meet certain standards.

Marketing Plan

IOP Marketing with gather all the information needed for a strategic marketing plan that will follow your goals. We will determine the best course of action and execute the plan. Enjoy reports along the way to show your ROI.

Logo Development

IOP Marketing will take into consideration every goal you have for your brand and develop a logo/slogan that will grab attention and keep it.


Product placements, YouTube Channels, interviews, b-roll? We are here for you. Extra care is taken with your video so it is sure to be high quality and perfect for the situation.

Analysis and Market Research

Do you know who your audience is? Do you know the numbers behind your website’s traffic or how it is affecting your sales? We can help with that. IOP Marketing checks everything, make recommendations and help you pull off your campaign.